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IT Hardware Maintenance Plans

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When companies depend on original equipment manufacturer’s (OEMs) warranties for extended support, the costs have sometimes proven to be prohibitive. As a result, they have turned to IT hardware refresh, making the maintenance process an uncomplicated and unimportant task; consequently, IT managers had to find a simple, inexpensive maintenance plan. Therefore, third-party options became increasingly attractive as they were a cost-effective option to the expensive warranties provided by the OEMs.

This rather hit and miss approach costs money and takes time. To ensure efficient and cost-effective IT operations, organizations need to create comprehensive and consistent IT hardware maintenance strategies—whether in-house or third party. They are vital to ensure that the value inherent in IT hardware enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of IT operations.

These strategies are also essential to cover legacy, end-of-life (EOL), and end-of-service (EOS) equipment that OEMs no longer support. With a flexible strategic plan, not only are unexpected issues avoided, but also paying for an expensive OEM maintenance plan.

To commence creating an IT hardware maintenance strategy, these six factors are key to finding the right alternative to an expensive OEM extended warranty.

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