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July 12, 2017 – Atlanta, Georgia Noble1, North America’s premiere IT Hardware Support Solutions company, announced today that it will be releasing Version 2.0 of its groundbreaking Customer Support Portal. The new version brings with it greater levels of personalization and customization, along with enhanced and comprehensive views for partners and clients alike.

The portal, first launched in 2015, gained considerable notoriety within the IT hardware support community— Noble1 being the only company to create such a comprehensive support system, one that focused on user experience. In the past, many companies that offered portals simply re-skinned third-party offerings, but left little pertaining to ease-of-use and other functions.

Now, with Noble1’s latest release, the newly updated portal has even more in-depth branding capabilities for partners, as well as highly customizable and secure access levels for a myriad of user types.

Furthermore, the system now delivers real-time status updates on open tickets, detailed access to historical cases with notes and FAQs, as well as an extensive Asset Management tool.

“I could not be more proud of this new release,” commented Derek Stiles, President and CEO of Noble1. “Our industry has seen what I can only describe as customer solutions that woefully lack design and function. For us, our priorities are simple: deliver an experience unlike any other, whereby our customers and partners have complete access to the service they want, need, desire, and expect. Before any piece of hardware is fixed, our clients need to know that we aren’t just here to deliver and install parts—we are here as their partner to ensure every aspect of their IT hardware support is covered. Our commitment to a better experience from beginning to end is what our customers expect. It’s what we expect.”

The new version of the Noble1 Support Portal is scheduled to be launched on July 1, 2017. Additionally, Noble1 continues to empty North America’s top talent in the industry to provide 24/7 help desk, onsite service, and parts logistics around the globe.

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