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As an IT manager are you faced with the seemingly impossible task of reducing costs, yet at the same time finding ways to improve operations to generate revenue? Seems like an oxymoron, doesn’t it.

We can offer you IT hardware support solutions that will reduce your costs and simplify your life.

Reducing your costs

With our IT hardware support solutions you can:

  • Avoid unnecessary hardware refreshes and replacements
  • Balance legacy and new hardware to maximize the value of your data center
  • Add money to the bottom line by freeing up your resources to administer your systems rather than maintain them
  • Maximize the value of your IT investments with an IT Hardware Procurement solution that can provide you with new or refurbished enterprise-class IT equipment, avoiding expensive extended warranties
  • Through our partner network we can offer pricing advantages and warranty services to guarantee the right solution.
  • With our customized support and maintenance program, you’ll decrease the cost of doing business and increase productivity as you won’t have to wait for equipment replacement or for technicians coming from a great distance—they will always be within 50 miles, and they will always respond immediately after receiving the ticket.

Simplifying your operations

  • If you are tired of managing extended warranties for all the different OEMs represented in the data center, we can help you: you can replace your multiple points of contact with a single point of contact.
  • We can provide you with Onsite IT Service and Support or Customized IT Support, with many options that will reduce the time you spend on troubleshooting and that will increase the productivity of your data center.
  • We can streamline your purchasing process so you get the most value from the hardware you purchase.
  • Our customized support package includes parts stocked within 50 miles of your company—regardless of your geographical location—reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

From a cost perspective, our IT Hardware Support Solutions will help you reduce your IT budget for support and maintenance by 50% or more, which means you’ll have valuable dollars you can allocate for use elsewhere. As well, you’ll simplify your operations with the allocation of hardware problems and incidents to us, and streamlined access to support that will solve your technical issues quickly and efficiently.

Therefore, you can reduce your costs, improve your operations and generate revenue.