Mobile Device Management

Are you struggling to keep up with IT security requirements? With the number of devices proliferating around the organization, you need to restrict access to certain devices while at the same time allowing your employees to work on their chosen device?

It’s a conundrum many organizations face: how do you ensure mobile device security while meeting your employees’ need to work on their chosen devices.

With our Mobile Device Management Service, you’ll have the security that’s crucial for your business while supporting your staffs’ choice of mobile device.

Other features of our service include:

  • Configuring security settings on devices owned by the business
  • Keeping track of devices registered to individuals
  • Monitoring data usage on users’ registered devices
  • Reporting that leverages devices’ GPS features and that protects against theft while keeping track of device locations
  • Supporting Google Android, Apple iOS, and Microsoft Windows devices and tablets
  • Locking phones, setting passwords, and wiping devices through remote configuration of email and Wi-Fi access on devices

If you would like to learn more about our Mobile Device Management Service and its many features, please contact us.