Hardware as a Service

Unpredictable hardware costs, annual upgrades and sudden, unplanned requirements can make it hard to manage your IT services and technology budget effectively.

Noble1’s Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) packages make it easy to track IT expenses while reducing the need for upgrading equipment and operating systems. Our monthly flat-fee model means your equipment and maintenance and warranty services are always covered. This eliminates large capital expenditures and, because our services qualify as operating costs, all fees are tax-deductible.


  • full IT support, with no limits
  • supply of all required hardware systems (network, server, and user), including installation and configuration
  • fast replacement of inoperable hardware
  • as-needed installation of required software updates and patches
  • convenient monthly billing


  • Fast response. Once we become aware of an issue, we’ll determine if it can be addressed remotely or needs to be fixed onsite. Then, we take care of the problem—all within agreed timelines—so you stay up and running. In most cases, our remote access enables us to diagnose and quickly resolve network issues, but onsite support is always available.
  • Comprehensive. We manage all your hardware assets, track service contracts and warranties, and install software and security updates.
  • Fully scalable. As your business grows, your HaaS package can be scaled up so you always have the up-to-date solutions you need.
  • Better protection. Noble1 ensures that viruses, spyware and adware are quickly identified and removed—before they can cause damage. We also systematically review other protective measures, including firewalls, software patches, and port and password security.

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