Web and Hybrid Backup

Unexpected downtime whether it’s for an hour or a day, can cost your organization not just lost revenue, but it can affect your reputation.

You need continuous recovery, restoring your systems at any time, especially at the time of a disaster such as fire, floods, or hurricanes. You should have the ability to recover your system to the last known point of data integrity. Our cloud backup can continuously restore data to a standby virtual server that’s up to date and ready to go in an instant. You’ll be protected no matter the cause of the downtime.

Our Web and Hybrid Backup Service includes:

  • Data Archiving – Store your data for as long as you need and set variable retention policies
  • Data Backups – Daily backups stored for 28 days by default in a secure environment
  • Strong Encryption – We safeguard your data to ensure you don’t suffer the consequences of a data breach
  • Bare Metal Recovery and Restoration – Delivers the ability to perform bare metal restores quickly, getting your systems up and running without delay
  • Faster Backup and Restores – Initial backup is a copy of all your data followed by True Delta deep deduplication
  • Hybrid Cloud Recovery – Restore faster and gain redundancy with a hybrid cloud architecture
  • Virtual Machine Backup – Helps protect and restore your virtual environments with host-level VMware backups and Hyper-V backups
  • Automated System – Restores to Hyper-V or VMware ensuring business continuity for your users

To learn more about our Web and Hybrid Backup Service, please contact us.