24/7/365 Monitoring

Are you monitoring your systems in-house? If so, do you know what to measure and what’s important when it comes to tracking uptime and to monitoring the health of all your systems?

Your customers depend on accessing your services 24/7/365. Therefore, you need to monitor uptime and the health of essential services, you need to know that your systems are online and functioning effectively—systems such as email, instant messaging, databases, line of business applications and file and print shares.

At Noble1, we strive for 99.999 percent uptime, which is the acknowledged industry standard. We can manage your systems such that you’ll know your systems are continuously online and functioning effectively. You’ll not only have a transparent initial setup process and 24×7 support, but also consistent and in-depth reporting on the uptime and health of your systems.

Contact us. With our 24/7/365 Monitoring Service, we’ll keep your infrastructure operating at an optimum level.